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SEO Web Hosting

Why SEO Web Hosting?

Search Engine Optimization is the continuous improvement of a website’s ranking position within the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Live for a particular keyword or key phrase.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is a major factor in determining organic traffic to a website. Web traffic is mainly composed of two factors: Paid and Organic (free). For a typical website organic traffic will usually make up 70% of the overall traffic. A website ranking position enormously affects the amount of organic traffic for a website and therefore plays a significant role for the success of an online venture.

How to improve Search engine rankings?

There are a number steps to search engine optimization. The majority of the steps have to deal with improving the SEO web design (click here to learn more) of a website. However, the key to high search engine rankings begins at the foundation—the web hosting provider.

What is SEO Web Hosting?

The large hosting providers sell unlimited amounts of hosting space at a cheap price however, what they do not mention is that they are selling a shared space with a shared IP address with thousands of other companies. There are three major draw backs to the massive-shared approach:
  1. A website SEO value is minimized at the foundation;
  2. A website could be banned temporarily from Google or Yahoo if a spamming company if found on the same IP address and server;
  3. A website speed could become slower because of data-intensive neighboring websites.
A legitimate online business should not take a chance on the massive-shared approach and learn the hard way. Instead businesses should find a SEO Web Hosting company that is concentrated on providing services that help promote high search engine rankings.

At Aliante Web Hosting, we only provide SEO web hosting services. Our services are focused on maximizing search engine results at an affordable rate. All of our hosting plans include the following:

  • A Dedicated IP Address
  • Fast Loading Servers And Routers
  • Limited Number Of Users Per Server
  • Monitored Servers For Automatic Removal Of Spammers Or Fraudulent Companies
  • Free Back-Linking Campaign Service
  • Free Website Submission Service To Search Indexes And Directories
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Exclusive Members Only SEO Tools
  • Additionally, an award winning technical support team, 99.9% uptime and Aliante Web Hosting’s exclusive local zone methodology that helps keep our client’s websites and emails at high-speeds by locating data as close to our clients as possible.

    Top Ten SEO Tips

    1. Ensure An Error-free And W3C Compliant Coding

    2. Minimize The Coding - No Unnecessary Coding

    3. Use Relevant Keywords

    4. Smart Keyword Placement

    5. Get Inbound And Relevant One-Way Links

    6. Place Keywords Within The Title Tag And Meta Tags

    7. Use different Title and Meta Tags For Each Page

    8. Use A Sitemap And Robots.txt File

    9. Use Search Friendly Code – Limit The Use Of Flash, Frames, And AJAX

    10. Get Hosting from an Aliante Web hosting

    SEO Web Hosting